A Designer's Guide to Asheville: Design Resources Part 1

As the first part of my 'Designer's Guide to Asheville' series, I wanted to share my favorite local resources for all things interior design. If you're new to the area and/or building, renovating, or updating your Asheville home for the first time, this list will help you get started with the right folks. The first selections typically needed are plumbing, appliances, cabinetry and countertops. Here are my go-to's!

For plumbing, I usually start with Ferguson's, then go to Bella Hardware & Bath for the specialty items, like the Master Suite tub or that 'wow' Kitchen faucet. Ferguson's is great because they have a few large vendors, like Rohl, that manufacture lines specifically for Ferguson's at a big value. Bella Hardware & Bath is great because they have those unique pieces you may not find at Ferguson's and also carry door and cabinet hardware. Bella also has a more intimate, boutique feel. 

Ferguson's carries appliances, plumbing and lighting, so it's a one stop shop, and their sales team is super knowledgable. Lindsay at Ferguson's never ceases to amaze me with her insight and expertise. Another good option for appliances is Haywood Appliance. They're a family owned business that has the added benefit of servicing the appliances they sell. They also carry some lines that Ferguson's doesn't have. It's smart to get more than one quote on big ticket items like appliances. Also, don't forget to inquire about any rebate specials that can offer significant savings. 

Cabinetry is unique because it's important to get a quality cabinet line, a fair price that works with your budget, and a talented cabinet designer. The two cabinet companies that I've had the best experiences with are Keystone Kitchen & Bath and Advance Cabinetry. Both companies have a variety of lines to meet the needs of clients looking for budget cabinetry, semi-custom lines, as well as fully custom lines. They also have fantastic cabinet designers on staff. Schuyler is my go-to at Keystone. He's a designer by training and has a great eye. Trish is the designer I've worked with at Advance. She creates incredible drawings by hand that really give you a feel for the cabinetry layouts. I've also heard good things about Forest Millwork and Lentz Cabinets, but I haven't had a chance to work with them yet.

Crossville Tile & Stone and Horizon Tile & Stone are located in the Airport Design Center, and they're my favorite local resources for tile and stone. Crossville has a very nice showroom with their own line of product that's manufactured using sustainable principles in Crossville, Tennessee, as well as many other fantastic lines like Walker Zanger and Island Stone. For any field tiles (aka the main/background tiles) I can't find from Crossville, Horizon usually has just what I need. They have some great natural stone options and porcelain lines like Happy Floors. Horizon also has the added service of creating tile drawings at no additional charge when you purchase tile from them. 

For countertops, I usually start with Hank at Mountain Marble. He has an impressive variety of slabs on display ranging from your basic granites to exotic marble and quartzite. He usually has a good selection of remnants to chose from and the quality of their fabrication and installation team is tough to beat. Another option is Stone Gallery or Viktor's Granite & Marble. Stone Gallery usually has the lowest prices, but it may take an additional tweak on the fabrication and installation side. 

Next in this series will be Asheville resources for lighting, flooring, paint, and window treatments - stay tuned!