Electric Savvy Interior Design Tips

After completing a recent electrical walkthrough with clients on a new construction project, I thought I would share some of my favorite pro tips for anyone building or remodeling a home. Enjoy!

One of my favorite designer secrets: Knowing to specify ‘half hot’ outlets in bedrooms where you want the ability to turn lamps on/off with a wall switch. Half hot means that only one of the two outlets is wired to the switch, so the second outlet can be used for things like a cell phone charger - things you don’t want turned off when the light is switched off.

Another important electrical consideration: Floor outlet placement. If you want the ability to put lamps in the seating arrangement of a living area, you’ll need floor outlets. These will need to be placed strategically depending on the furniture placement. The floor outlet(s) should be placed under a piece of furniture, such as a sofa or lounge chair, or under a rug. 

If you have a Kitchen island: Consider outlet placement in the island. If you have a counter height island, the best option is usually placing the outlets in the side of the island, close to the underside of the countertop. Don’t forget to consider the cabinet color here - if you have darker cabinets, use a dark brown or black outlet and plate.

Disposal tip: I recommend switching the Kitchen garbage disposal on its own, rather than with another light switch. There’s nothing worse than trying to turn on a light and hearing the abrupt, loud noise of a disposal. Another great option is an 'air switch.' These round buttons are sold by the plumbing supplier, are placed in the countertop next to the sink. They come in finishes to match the faucet.