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Wyoming Farmhouse Project Reveal

Our Wyoming Farmhouse new construction, furniture + decor project was completed toward the end of 2020 - a bright spot in an otherwise extremely difficult year. This project was such an inspiring and unique custom home to design. Our client was really drawn to Victorian era farmhouses and spaces with an eclectic and whimsical charm.

A Thornhill Range Cooker serves as the functional centerpiece of the Kitchen - a European farmhouse classic. The original painting in the Foyer hall by Raven Roxanne livens the space and infuses bold and feminine color. Fireclay Tile was used throughout the tiled areas of the home and we even custom designed our own pattern with Fireclay Tile for a small shower and bathroom floor.

This project was designed in collaboration with our friend and colleague, Tamara Gavin, through our design collective, Glad Haus, LLC. Tamara and I formed Glad Haus in 2019 as a way to share office space, resources, and best practices. When the pandemic hit, we started taking on projects together through the collective. We had a wonderful time designing this gorgeous farmhouse together for our long distance client in Wyoming. We designed every detail down to the trim from my cozy home office studio in Asheville. While we closed Glad Haus in early 2021, we still enjoy collaborating on occasion through our respective design studios, Chelsea Benay, LLC and Tamara Gavin Interior Design.


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